If you are a Christian you can't lose your soul.

There is fear in some Christians that they could lose their soul. I listened to a song by Casting Crowns called Slow Fade and it made me really mad. In the song they claim that once you give yourself away there is a slow fade and then you turn evil and go to hell. Nothing makes me madder than faithless Christians. The bible guarantees that none of God’s children can fall from his hand and that nothing can separate us from God’s love. The bible also says that it will give Christians one heart that is good. In fact there is one heart that is good and it’s God’s heart. God gives us his own heart – Jesus Christ for us to wear so that we can become his righteousness. Certainly Jesus would not give his heart to anyone if he knew it could be stolen from them. He’s worth so much more than that and so are our hearts. The bible says that we are supposed to guard our hearts but that doesn’t mean they can be stolen from us. A leopard cannot change his spots any more that a Christian can lose his or her heart. What makes a Christian a Christian is his or her heart. What has been given to God cannot be lost. I would issue a stern rebuke to Casting Crowns for making such a shameful song. Also, I wonder how they know what happens when you give your heart away unless they’ve already thought they did.

I used to struggle with what I called “bad thoughts.” I thought that if I had one negative thought I would lose my soul and die. Can you imagine, if God had a thought that was negative and he lost his son? It can’t happen. Your body is the very temple of God. Do you think that someone could rob God’s temple without God putting up a fight? God and Jesus name has authority over all spirits. Why would they all of the sudden become weak and start letting people rob their temple? I am confident that even if the devil himself and all the demons came after God, God would keep them at bay because he is God. If God were weak and petty he wouldn’t be God. I feel bad for all the people that take Casting Crowns as gospel singers because they offer no gospel. They are clearly confused and living under condemnation for no reason. God has kept me alive for this long and I’ve made some terrible choices in my life. Maybe this is the purpose for which I came because I have been on death’s door several times and not died. I am confident that Jesus gives us eternal life and it starts now. It doesn’t start when we get to heaven. We’re meant to live good lives that change other people. If God wasn’t able to save someone he wouldn’t be God. What also makes me sad for Casting Crowns is that if they didn’t feel they lost their own heart they stood by and pretended to be superior to other Christians who were losing their heart or giving it away. I mean, if a thought can make you go to hell they are just as susceptible to losing their souls as they person they paint in a “Slow Fade.” It’s really sick and twisted when you think about it. As the body of Christ we are free to decide each moment what we will do. If at any moment you are weak, remember you have God’s essence and Spirit within you. That makes you God’s righteousness. Can a lamb be made a snake? No. Neither can we lose our souls.

Why would you put such negativity to music unless you find yourself in a superior position to other Christians who are also God’s temple? It’s no joke to rob God’s temple. Not only can it not happen I’m not giving my joy to Casting Crowns thinking I lost my soul. Unless Christians really believe that Christ is God, they are faithless and aren’t really living in the promise. If you aren’t living in the promise your life will be sad and pathetic. You’ll elevate yourself above others and then fall for hurting people that weren’t hurting you. Luckily, Christ is God and our sins are forgiven.

The reason this hits home for me so much is because I believed I lost my soul at one point. I had a negative thought and I thought I lost my soul. Jesus never gave up on me and neither will he give up on you because you are his reward. Jesus doesn’t lose his reward no matter what your faithless mind tells you.

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