Belief Shapes Reality

What you call yourself you become. Be careful how you talk to yourself. The definition of cursing someone is to speak negatively about them. Our words can leave a lifetime of legacy. Why does what someone says about you affect you? People, especially children tend to live up to the expectations of those around them, be they high or low. If you believe the negative things people speak about you you allow their curses to fester in your body and mind. In the body, curses cause disease and disregulation. In the mind, curses cause low energy and fear. If you were to give a curse a body, it would be similar to a snake. But a curse can only hurt you if you espouse it. When you believe the negative things people say about you, you limit your own value to their lowered expectations or negativity. Likewise, a snake can only hurt you if you pick it up or try to manipulate it in some way. In either circumstance belief sets intention.

We’ve all seen this principle at work in families. First borns tend to get the most praise from the family because they get the most undivided attention. They are often successful in their adulthood and often take on more responsibility than the other children because they have more faith in their successful outcome.

Because curses typically cause disease in the body, we would do well to ignore them. Everyone knows someone who should be dead for the way they take care of their body but they outlive the doctors and family’s expectations of them. You can look at a diagnosis as a type of curse. When you allow yourself to become your diagnosis you might as well dig your own grave.

I recently saw an ad for a blood test that is able to diagnose cancer immediately. The problem with that is that everyone has cancer in their body. At any given moment your blood could be diagnosed with cancer. However, the body is effective when a person has a positive mindset and healthy immune system at killing cancer cells. I also recently heard of a doctor that was treating patients with chemo who didn’t have cancer in order to profit from their treatment. The pharmaceutical companies would love to diagnose everyone with some sort of disease so that they can prescribe expensive medicines that only make people sicker and in need of more treatment with chemicals.

Some people believe that they will inherit familial sickness through their genes. New science tells us that our genes can be altered with thought. Placebos work in this way. Your mind is your own placebo. When you convince yourself that you are sick you will magnify your symptoms and signal your genes to wreak havoc on your body.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in 1999. What happened ten years later changed the course of my symptoms forever. A woman in the hospital shared with me a secret that kept her healthy for many years. She said that when Christ died on the cross He took all curses upon us and granted us favor with God. This favor purchased us into a new family without disease. If Christians would only believe in what they’ve inherited they would no longer suffer from chronic illness. The body can heal itself we just need to tell it to. Needless to say I no longer have any bipolar symptoms. In fact, I am suspicious of people that do because it seems that it is a pharmaceutical company creation in order to addict young people to drugs that negatively impact the functioning of their entire body. When I was on medication I gained an excessive amount of weight and was tired all of the time. I lost self-confidence and began to think of myself as a victim. I was always tired and couldn’t do the things normal people could. It wasn’t until I got off all of the medication that I was able to regain my life and reclaim my true nature as a healthy body and mind not under any curse or diagnosis. I stopped telling people I had a disorder because I didn’t. I felt fine especially without medication. The meds made me feel sicker than the actual illness. I learned to manage chronic anxiety in healthy ways like yoga and meditation, exercise and good diet and I found myself in great condition.

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