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The enemy will use every weapon he has to make you think you are not saved – even other Christians.  He can’t take you from God but he can make you think he did.  He usually uses all of the things that influence you to make you think you’re a goner.  I like to listen to music to hear from God.  I don’t always hear a distinct or loud voice in my head that sounds like God so I listen to music to make me feel connected to him.  It seems to calm my nerves and put a positive mantra in my head.  Many people don’t realize the potency of music.  It has the ability to do some amazing things.

All of our atoms operate on a vibration.  We consist of space and atoms but we are mostly space.  When our energy is off our vibration can become low.  Music has the power to change our vibration.  My advice: choose your music wisely.  If the music you listen to is negative, sad or angry you will automatically feel your body and mind respond to the music and the emotion it is evoking.  This is why I hate Christian music that has any type of negativity in it.  I don’t get mad when there is negative music that is secular because that originated with someone who was feeling negative.  However, I don’t think there is a place for negativity in Christian music.  I’m not saying that Christians never feel negative.  I’m saying there is no reason to put it to music.

Back to my opening statement about the enemy and my point: why Christian music should not be negative.  If you are worried about losing your soul, do not call yourself a Christian.  If you do not have the essential faith to say that Christ’s payment was enough for your sins don’t call yourself a Christian.  I’m tired of songs that say stupid stuff like “I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul.”  If that were possible you wouldn’t be a Christian, right? Who is in power? God, who has the power to save your soul, or you, who have the power to lose it?  What do you believe?  Make it clear.  Don’t play secular music on the Christian station.  That’s about it.

Christian culture sometimes likes to cultivate negativity so that it can close with a positive note.  I notice this at my church.  They will oftentimes make you feel like you’re a piece of shit during the sermon then afterwards offer you the salvation to your troubles which they say is the particular prayer they are peddling that week.  Prayer works, don’t get me wrong but if you’re saying the same one every week expecting to get different results you’ve just defined insanity.  What the church I go to does is tell you you are bad then offer you a prayer to say to make you better.  However, ninety-nine percent of the people there are Christians in the first place so saying the same prayer every week is not going to save their souls.  Christ already did.  Instead of empowering them with ways they can start walking in their faith, they just offer a prayer and ask for money.  I don’t think this is enough.

Sometimes I get the sense, too, that the Christian church just wants us to have babies.  I don’t really understand why.  The world has so many orphans.  Why not encourage adoption?  Why is the culmination of the Christian church marriage?  As if marriage were the answer.  If it were the answer why did it not work for most of our divorced parents?  Why do churches expect broken people to make perfect marriages.  By broken, I mean those children that originally came from broken homes.  Songs say that love is the only thing that matters but by that they mean marital love that makes nuclear homes and consumes everything in sight.  That is the American way. I think the Christian church looks a lot different in Cambodia or China where commodities aren’t so easy to come by.

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