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Category: Poetry

God of Creation

God of all creation,
God we give you praise.

Every heart, every nation,
sing for endless days.

You wrought beauty from ashes;
God you make us whole.

You’ll never leave or forsake us,
lover of our souls.

God of beauty and wonder,
in faith you delight.

You sent death asunder,
When you took it’s plight.

But the grave cannot hold you,
not even death availed.

With your mighty ascent,
you tore the veil.

Your voice reassures us.
You mend our wounds.

By yours we are healed.
Jesus your light opened our tombs.

God of beauty and light,
pursuer of our hearts,
winner of our fights.

May you be exhaulted.
Forever reign.

King of all that is good,
it is us you sustain.